Monthly Archives: July 2008

Filing Statistics

Periodically, I run across an article about National Bankruptcy filing numbers.  Reading about National statistics always makes me wonder about local numbers.  So, I check.  Then, I generally blog about it.  My findings now are pretty consistent with what they have been in the past.   The article I just read said that National filing numbers are up about 32% over 2007 — although, they are still way below 2004 numbers.

I just checked the Western District of Oklahoma’s numbers for April, 2008 (the article I read used the first 4 months of the year, I just used April).  This year we filed 510 cases in April.  Last year we filed 366 cases in April.  That is a little more than 32%, but it is close.  Where we differ is in our relationship to 2004 filings.  We continue to trail the National figures in the speed with which our filing rate is recovering.  National figures look like they will come in at about 2/3 of 2004 filings.  Ours are somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2.