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So, What Does a Bankruptcy Lawyer Do All Day?

Yesterday I had one of those days were I was constantly busy only to look up and wonder what on Earth I had done all day.  So, I made a list; and since I am frequently curious about what other people actually DO on a daily basis, I thought I would post the list here.

I started off in Court at 9:00, trip to the bank (and two jelly doughnuts, but we won’t talk about that part), opened mail, downloaded electronic pleadings filed the day before (looked at everything, set aside the motions that will take time to respond to), a bunch of phone calls from — former client about a possible discharge violation, a couple of people looking for a bankruptcy attorney, a couple of creditors wanting to verify that I represent they people they want to harass; reorganize a computer directory, review information provided from a client and prepare for an appointment with that client, series of emails with clients mostly dealing with the status of their cases and the effect of their bankruptcies on pending foreclosures, more email with a client about replacing a car during a Chapter 13, prepare and fax a letter to a collection firm, forward two pieces of mail to clients that were sent to me directly, docket a court hearing and forward tax returns to the Trustee, RSVP to a business lunch, spend just under three hours with a client going over every detail of her case, review motions downloaded that morning and begin mapping out my responses, back up my computer and call it a day.

I got to court a little before 9:00.  I left the office about 6:30.  Oh, and I grabbed a slice of pizza someone else in the office had brought in for lunch. 

All things considered it was a pretty good day.  Now, I just need to find the blocks of time to actually respond to the motions, prepare filings for later in the week, start briefing an appeal, file a discharge violation Adversary. . . .

Oh, well.  It’s only Wednesday!