So, why didn’t I think of this?

I spent most of my undergraduate years as a member of a collegiate mock legislature. So, I know how to draft legislation. I went to law school and survived legal research and writing, so I should be able to figure out basic statutes and municipal regulations. I even have friends in politics. So, why didn’t I think about opening, “The Law Store”? Probably because I don’t live in Florida.

The Orlando Sentinel ran an article about a week ago on a guy in South Florida who has opened a store front, called The Law Store, where residents can, basically, custom-order laws and municipal regulations. The Law Store drafts them and then utilizes the procedures in virtually all municipal charters (and some State Constitutions) to get a measure on the ballot by some kind of referendum. You’ve got to love the title of the Orlando Sentinel’s article, Got a beef? Have a ‘McLaw’ made to order.

Democracy in action — and capitalism too.


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