Bankruptcy, It Ain’t Always the Answer

I spent a long time on the phone this afternoon with another lawyer.  His client has a lot of complicated problems.  At least one of those problems is a very aggressive creditor who wants a lot of money from the client — and is doing a pretty good job of going after what it wants.

Anyway, my point was that a bankruptcy filing would solve nothing; and, frankly, it would really create more problems for this guy than he already has.   Now, part of the problem is that there were businesses involved.  Frequently, small business owners consider a bankruptcy filing without really understanding how the business will (or in many cases won’t) be affected.   When a bankruptcy isn’t the solution is a complicated question, and the only simple solution is not to be afraid to call a good Bankruptcy lawyer and ask.  Be up front asking if there is a fee for that consultation.  There wasn’t in my office today.


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